The Bargain

The corridors began to shout echoes, piercing even to this room. Both boo’s and ah’s are reeling me. I’ve got to finish this quickly, I pulled bone after bone, off the skin and each other. I snapped and sawed until what’s left is a vessel.

Rare Hair

Once there was a girl, “Daisy”, called her mother. Born in a town, with nothing in particular, Houses and streets, not a thing is peculiar. But the girl. Yes, that girl! Unlike the town; born she was. She was particular, surely peculiar. Has a hair, long and rare.

Blinded. Blind.

We stayed. Silent as the ocean succumbs the sun hiding it beneath its depths. The darkness replaced it. But, I don’t see darkness the same as before. It is as pretty as the lit-up sky earlier. I feel crazy smiling on my own, as both of us are still standing in the middle of an empty beach.


Sundan ang unang pangyayari sa: Ang Unang Beses Bukas ng umaga ihahatid na namin si Nelly sa estasyon ng bus pa-Maynila. Bukas ng umaga lulubog na ang aking araw. Kung dati ay bakasyon lamang, ngayon pangmatagalan na. Wala na ‘kong magagawa, katulad ng dati. Kahit kailan naman ata?